Definition And Intervention Mid Term Project Is Teen Dating Violence

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The topic that I nominate for my six week group content/intervention mid-term project is teen dating violence. I will be discussing different techniques, leader skills, and interventions that I will utilize when I facilitate a six week group. I will incorporate several different icebreakers and activities that has been used in an adolescents groups by clinicians. As the therapist, some of the techniques consist of the following empathy, reframing, Socratic questioning, active listening, and effective communication skills. The three most important leader styles that will be identify in my group are directive leaders, participative leaders, and supportive leaders. I will be discussing interventions, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy,…show more content…
ADV has been associated with mental health concerns (e.g., depression), substance use, and negative views of school. One particular concern is that ongoing dating violence in adolescence is associated with intimate partner violence later in life” (Colbert, Draucker, & Martsolf, 2012, pp. 1-2). Adolescent dating violence is a serious issue that dramatically impacts the teens that are exposed to this trauma. This issue affects teens on a daily basis that causes psychological, physical, and emotional abuse in teens’ lives on a daily basis. For example, some of the teen dating violence include characteristics, such as emotional or psychological abuse, physical violence, and sexual abuse or violence. “Emotional or psychological abuse consist of verbal or nonverbal behaviors, such as name-calling, insults, criticism, stalking, and humiliate. Physical violence consist of hitting, punching, slapping, pushing, and choking. Sexual abuse or violence consist of attempted or forced sexual activity when a partner does not consent or is unable to do so, abusive sexual contact, and verbal sexual harassment” (Miller, Payne , Vasquez, & Ward, 2013). In addition, there are many other consequences and factors that are associate that are categorize as dating violence. Consequently, majority of teens does not consider the following characteristics as being abusive. History on the therapeutic interventions Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) comes from two
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