Definition And Philosophy Of Nursing

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Concepts Of Nursing: Nursing is in the Eye Of the Beholder Nationally, nursing has become one of the most flourishing and outstanding occupations in the medical field. Years ago, nurses were discriminated by people because they provided care for ill individuals, which was against social law. The term nursing has been generalized to helping others who are sick. However, nursing is more than an oversimplified definition. This paper will examine the role of nurse: interview of a nurse, nursing theorist, and my personalized definition and philosophy of nursing. Nurse Interview I had the wonderful opportunity to interview a registered nurse (RN). S.A has recently obtained her registered license in nursing seven months ago at Eastern Mennonite University (EMU). The nursing professors at EMU have taught her the importance of caring for her patients with a spiritual approach. Also, S.A’s professors instilled the importance of, not only caring for patients in a spiritual manner, but with compassion, agape love, therapeutic tactics. Currently, S.A practices at level IV in the Neonatal Intense Care Unit (NICU), INOVA Children’s Hospital. In neonatal care, there are four levels based on the health conditions and severity of the infant; the highest level in NICU is level IV. Nurses in level IV neonatal care are trained to perform prime quality care to infants who are exceedingly frail and premature. She explained her role as a neonatal nurse; during her shift, she was in charge of
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