Definition And Structure Of Sentence Of Present Continuous Tense

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Structure of Sentence (Tense Part -3) Structure of Sentence of Present Indefinite Tense: Definition of Tense, Kinds of Tense and Kinds of sub classes Tense (Tense Part -1) Definition & Structure of Sub Classes Tense (Tense Part -2) Structure of Sentence (Tense Part -3) Affirmative: 1. I write 2. He speaks in English 3. The sun rises in the east. Negative: 1. Rahim doesn’t go to school 2. You don’t love me. 3. They don’t like it Interrogative: 1. Is he a doctor? 2. Does Sumon write a letter? 3. Do they sell fish? Negative Interrogative: 1. Doesn’t he study? 2. Don’t I like him? 3. Don’t you play? Structure of sentence of Present Continuous Tense: Affirmative: 1. I am going to University 2. You are playing 3. I am reading a book. Negative:

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