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Implied Curriculum
Lori Riley
Liberty University

Every school plans a curriculum that describes what teachers are expected to follow. This curriculum will have an impact on students, but an educator’s implied curriculum may have a greater impact on their students than what they realize. McCutcheon (1988) states, “hidden curriculum” is created by the educator, as they inevitably will pass on their values when teaching (p. 198). Educators do not always intend on teaching an implied curriculum but this happens from time to time. Educators teach character traits like important “values” whether than mean to or not (Parkay, Hass, and Anctil, 2010, p.43). Christian teachers implement biblical principles into their curriculum when they make the decision to not teach a certain part of the curriculum or lesson because it goes against what they believe to be part of God’s Word. Educators must learn every part of their teaching is influence by their own values "from planning the curriculum to delivering it in the classroom " (Parkay, Anctil & Haas, 2013, p. 9). Even though physical education classes and school sports both utilize athletics, there is a vast difference between how they are taught. The curriculum for physical education and school sports is very different as well.
Implied Curriculum of Physical Education
Physical education classes are meant to teach students the rules of certain games or sports. Rules are usually learned before the students actually get the…
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