Definition Essay: Can We Really Gain Happiness?

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Can we really obtain happiness? Or are we like racing greyhounds chasing an artificial lure around a track, only to cross the finish line empty handed? Pursuit is an act of striving for something...the effort made to try to achieve or obtain something over a period of time. What is this happiness that we're striving for? Is it a great career or being successful? Happiness, by definition is described as an emotion caused or characterized by pleasure, contentment, or joy.
Well...if happiness is identified by pleasure and contentment...then you may have caught happiness a time or two; just to see it escape through the cracks of your hands. Pleasure can come in many forms, most of which satisfies for only short periods at a time. During our pleasure,
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But when it comes to things of the mind and soul--which can't be classified as matter--they just can't be rationalized. But if we are to define what joy is, we’ll say joy is spiritual and can be identified by an overwhelming feeling of delight. It's not being able to wipe the smile off your face, when your life's in utter chaos. It's being content when you have everything and remaining content when you have nothing. Joy is...not putting your hopes in material stuff (things that fade with time and eaten by moths) ...but having hope and realization that no matter what happens in this life, there's an exceptional life to come. Money is that stuff that fades with time and eaten by moths.
Living a joy-filled life is too put ones hopes and expectations into unfading life to dust one-self off after each fall. So what draws the line between joy and happiness? Happiness fades with each punch that life throws, but joy gains momentum with every test. Joy is going beyond a pocket full of money and living life to it's fullest. It's stopping from a busy work day to step outside and take in a deep breath. It's when you don't give up with every trying circumstance, that you appreciate your prize at the finish line. Happiness is a pursuit, but joy is the
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