Definition Essay: Compassion To Help The Homeless

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Compassion can have many different meanings. To me, compassion is showing kindness, being caring, and being willing to help others. It is important to show compassion to all people, regardless of their race, gender, religion, living situation, or mental or physical ability.
Showing compassion can be as simple as helping others.
Every 2 months, my family and I go to a homeless shelter. When we drive up the long path that leads to the shelter, there are dozens people waiting to get in just to have food and a place to stay. It’s easy to see how helpless some of them are. One night, my cousin and were serving in the food line and after everyone had gotten food, a man approached us. He was tall and had a long beard, it was easy to see that he didn’t have the proper things to take care of himself. His voice was scratchy, and he told us,“Thank you so much for being here. We all respect you so much for taking your time to help us. You should be so grateful that your parents have raised you like this…”. They are less fortunate than many of us, and we don’t know what lead them to be homeless, so we have no right to judge them. Even though homeless people might not have money or a place to sleep, they still deserve kindness and should be helped just like
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It’s called HOPE (Helping Others Prosper Everyday) and is aimed towards helping individuals with special needs to grow as individuals. Not only does the class help the students, it also gives those who attend the school a chance to show compassion towards others. It is important to have programs like HOPE because it teaches everyone how to show compassion and be kind to one another depsite differences physically or emotionally. The program changes perspective for many people because you are able to put yourself in someone elses shoes. It’s hard to see another persons perspective, but all perspectives are important and
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