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Define Illegal I appear in every corner of the world –scared and alarmed– but I am illegal in every country but my own. I hide for fear of public shame, imprisonment, torture or even the death penalty? I left my home country and settled in another. Who am I? “Si habia dinero para las tortillas, no habia para la leche. Si habia dinero para la leche, no habia para la mantequilla,” Eloisa Ramirez remembers. Abandoned by her mother at eight years old, married by eighteen, five children by twenty-five, and with only an eighth-grade education, Eloisa waited for a month after attempting to cross the Mexican border into the United States because “immigration was getting a little tough to get around”. Eventually, she illegally,…show more content…
Throughout the reading, she guides the reader through not only on “dropping the ‘I’-Word”, but focusing on the alternatives of relabeling the phrase directed towards undocumented immigrants and their efforts to target masses like media and individualistic efforts to change the perception of the legal status of an individual. (Colorlines, Drop the I-Word) I believe this reading has positively influenced the way I view the word “illegal” because not only does the word label a human as something less, but in a bigger sense that there is a problem here in the United States. During the process of my research this week, I decided to “test” this “I-word” with my parents. I approached them by asking a simple question: “What does it feel like to be illegal?” Now, my parents being permanent residents here in the United States, I assumed they would answer the question and tell me their perspective. I was wrong; for I immediately noticed the hurt in my dad 's eyes as he lowered his gaze and shrugged his shoulders. As for my mom, she immediately fired away to shut me up. My dad looked at me and told me that “I may be illegal but it was for my family that I came into this country illegally.” I went on to explain to them the report and reading of what I was doing on this subject. They responded to me, “this term -disrespecting, hurting, and shaming-

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