Definition Essay: Defining The Concept Of Faith

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The concept of faith is one that most people are aware of, though they may not be able to define it. The definition of faith is to have a complete trust in something or someone. In most people’s cases, the something or someone is God. To have faith, you must first hear about the thing that you want to have faith in. The thing can’t be seen; otherwise, you just believe without faith. Then you must trust that the thing exists and that what is said about it is true. Faith is a concept that has been around since the creation of the world before the world fell into sin. Adam had faith in God, and God gave him authority over Earth. He later gives up this authority to Satan. Faith is an attribute that everyone needs to have and is one of the most important concepts that a person can know. Faith involves trusting an individual or thing so much that you would blinding walk according to their will. Faith can be compared to trust falling. One person keeps their back to the other while falling backward into the other’s arms. It takes not only trust in the other person, but faith …show more content…

Can you trust something you don’t believe in? No. Can you believe in something without trusting it? No. If you believe in God, then you trust that he is there. The two go hand in hand, and when both are together, it creates faith. Faith is a recurring theme throughout the Bible. In fact, the book of Hebrews even has a chapter that describes the faith of others who lived in the past. Faith is demonstrated by many people throughout the Bible. Abraham has faith when he follows where God wants him to go, not knowing where it is or when he’ll get there. He has faith when God tells him to kill his promised son, somehow hoping that God would bring him back. Later, Joseph has faith when he gets sold into slavery in Egypt by his own brothers. Because of his faith, he becomes the second in command in Egypt. These are just two examples of faith in the Old

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