Definition Essay – Defining the Soul of Man

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Definition Essay – Defining the Soul of Man

"Soul" has, historically, always been tied up with morality and religious dogma, and I believe modern neuropsychology and psychobiology has effectively refuted any scientific basis for a "Soul." To state as fact, "The soul exists," one must first socratically define Soul. More on this later:

Soul, or Consciousness, is, without a doubt, tied up within the billions of curious things called synapses and cells, deep inside the brain. There are cases of people without consciousness, without the all important "I." Usually this happens through the onset of a coma, or sometimes the hippocampus is damaged. (which is where short-term memory, a necessary component of consciousness, is
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Consequently, these monotheistic religions have created a fatal blunder in stating that we, humans, are the only possessors of Soul, which is now refuted by biology, veterinary psychology, etc. Historically, we have been told that we are superior to, and worth more than, animals. The "proof" was the soul: We had one, animals did not. The Old Testament, for example, states clearly that only humans possess soul, and not even the angels were given this gift. This is why God loves us so much. This is why we are accountable for our actions.

But this is circular reasoning. We feel, because we have a soul. We know we have a soul, because we feel. It is illogical and foolish. Besides the inherent fallacy in Soul, we now have overwhelming evidence refuting the elitism of humans.

Animals create. Monkeys and elephants, (both possess a very complex cerebral cortex,) have, on numerous occasions, been known to paint and draw. (without being taught to.) Some chimpanzees will ignore their favorite food if a pencil and paper are offered at the same time. Elephants have always doodled in the dirt, using bark or twigs. These animals use color, they repeat designs, they even attempt to draw objects. Although they cannot draw nearly as well as humans, it is not a fault of their brain, or the absence of Soul. The fault lies in their body. Humans have the most complex and perfect
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