Definition Essay: Describing The Concept Of Beauty

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Describing the concept of beauty is impossible to agree upon. So, asking what beauty is or what it means is too broad of a question. Depending on what century, decade, country, or religion; You will always get a different answer. Beauty can be defined by physical attributes such as “thin” or “perfect”. Beauty can also describe a tangible accessory such as fine jewelry. Examples of famous philanthropist, and astonishing works of nature as beauty. Some even claim to have captured beauty in photos. However, most explain that beauty is seeing your first child being born right in front of your eyes. But we aren't talking about another man's perception, it's about mine. Another thing in life that should be defined as raw beauty is the melanin people.…show more content…
That’s pure beauty. The beginning of life itself. The creation of human life started from the bearing of a black women and that is what people should believe is beautiful. For me roses grown through concrete cracks are beautiful. Mommy’s tending to freshly whipped backs is beautiful. Finding a reason to wake up every morning and perform sun up to sun down flawlessly after your seed has been sold right from your breast is beautiful. It should be called more than “baby momma” or mom because without the women to bear the world with children the world we know, wouldn’t exist. That’s pure beauty. According to Kennedy from Kid Researcher vlog when asked the question about the best thing about being a mom, she reports “The chubby cheeks. The sticky hands. The mischievous smiles. The fleeting glimpses of the woman she will become. The knowledge that the process we are co-creating, the bond that is mother and child is so ancient and primal…” beauty is seeing the future and teaching them to be great. A lot of people don’t realize but it is not what you know, its weather you pass it on; To make the future a better place that’s beauty. Mothers teaching the new generation to avoid mistakes that we have made to make the world a pure beautiful place. A simple act of kindness causes an endless ripple. Mothers hold the purest form of…show more content…
The concept of a mother being a temple for her child to grow strong is beautiful. Being a mother is beautiful not only because the body and soul are now being recreated into a smaller being. Being African American in the country where you are stripped of your cultural values, yet still finding a way to stand tall and make your presences known worldwide is beautiful. The author of the vlog “Black Beauty” explores the African American culture as unique, bold and extravagant. also, being able to focus on your dreams and overcome all struggles in a country filled with hate, anger and envy, with a smile is beautiful. It is apparent throughout history that black people have been excluding as
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