Definition Essay: Do Heroes Really Exist?

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Does heroes really exist? Or they are only found in fantasy stories and novels? Heroes usually have a lot of common things, for example: they are all responsible, have strong personality and courage, and ready to sacrifice themselves for people. I believe that super or abnormal powers doesn’t actually make someone hero. My own definition to a hero is a person that make something other people want to make but they prefer not. We have a lot of hero examples in our life that we usually see them or read about them.

Malala, maybe she is the first one who came to my mind while thinking of heroines. Ziauddin her father has always loved learning so he ran a school in Swat. Her story started since 2009, when Taliban’s military hold on Swat intensified, Malala began writing a blog for the BBC Urdu service, about fears that
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It makes them weak, tired, exhausted, and lifeless. Cancer takes away from it’s victims their happiness, life, smile, and their beautiful memories.
I believe cancer fighters are heroes, and they proved that you do not need super powers to become a hero. They fight death everyday to stay with people that they love and people that loves them. They work hard to inspire others and to inspire themselves. Although they suffer day by day they always try to keep a smile on their faces. They believe that they can do it and that they can go over it. They are strong enough to live everyday inspiring others by ignoring the fact that they are facing death secondly.
Finally, it is not a condition for being a hero is to have super powers. Being a hero is to strongly defend your beliefs and to feel responsible towards yourself and others. It is about being good with others no matter what happened, to smile when you are sad, to act happiness when you are depressed, to help others from your heart, and to spread love where ever you go. And who knows, maybe you are a hero in someone else’s
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