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The Google dictionary definition of the word home is the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household. However, I have found that there are multiple places where I feel at home, many of them are not places that I live or sleep. I feel at home in the bedroom that I grew up in with my little sister Madison as my roommate. I feel at home in the entire town of Colonia, NJ. I feel at home when I’m laying in my best friend Kelsey’s bed watching Supernatural for seven hours straight. I feel at home when I am working at Panera Bread in Menlo Park Mall and complaining about all of the dumb customers and new employees with my coworkers. Yet, I have been living in Richmond, KY for almost two months now and it still…show more content…
Neil described home as, “where I can go back and relax after a really long day. Home is where I can be myself, where I can be naked physically and emotionally, where my family is, where I can close my eyes and relax without a single worry (except for my mom telling me to go clean my room).” I feel like a lot of people can relate to Neil’s definition because it reminds one of the feeling they might experience once they get home from an excruciating work day, so they can now just kick back and relax. Kelsey, my best friend, described home as, “where I can just hide from the world and be lazy and no one will judge me and it’s beautiful” or “where I can get taco bell in two minutes.” Her definition made me laugh, because it’s true that where we live you don’t have to drive for longer than two minutes to get some Taco Bell, but where she goes to school she would have to drive for about twenty minutes. Ryan described home as, “ wherever I feel safe and like a can go to sleep comfortably,” he also said that home isn’t his house because he doesn’t like being in his house. Ryan doesn’t like being in his house because he doesn’t get along with his family all the time, a lot of people can relate to this because sometimes people can feel more at home when they’re out on their own. On the other hand, when I asked my friend Martina she responded by texting me her address, “57 Walter DR, Woodbridge, NJ,” meaning that she felt the most comfortable with her family surrounding her in a familiar place. Chris said that home is where he gets support from the people surrounding him, similar to what Martina implied, however different than just texting his address. Ime said that home is where she walks in and all of the stress leaves her body because she can relax with the people she loves the most and have a home cooked meal; Ime’s definition is very much
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