Definition Essay: How Would You Define Love?

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Love Love has many different meanings. It’s a variation of concepts and its different for each individual. love is defined as something special. A feeling that causes mixed emotions. In some cases love often comes ,but not by choice, it just happens. In addition, I could sit here and tell you my definition of love, but in this case, it compleatly diffrent from what other people think. In most cases love is considered to be an intense feeling of deep affection. It can also be defined as a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone. If you take these things into consideration love is an individual feeling. Nobody can tell you how to feel love, it’s an unconditional affection with no limits or conditions. It’s something beyond our…show more content…
You could be that person that doesn't believe in love, or you could be that person that has never experienced it before. Love is said to be something that changes you. Something that changes your thoughts completely. Love can be special in most cases ,but love can also hurt. Love can be defined as painful and damaging. It’s not always worth falling in love. Most people define love as something pretty and wonderful, but it’s not always true. Love can eventually lead to unhappiness.If you’re not careful, it can permanently damage you. People nowadays take love for granted. They think it’s a game ,but they never realize that they play alone. At the end someone always ends up hurt. People tend to not care about who they’re hurting in the process. When dealing with love it’s always important to be carefull. The outcome is not always what you expect ,but sometimes it can surprise you. We Each have a definition for love. It may not always be defined as what people say. Love comes up with its own definition. It’s a different feeling for each individual. Love can be defined in many different ways. Never let anyone tell you the definition of love. Figure it out for yourself, experience it. Eventually you will come up with your own, and you will see the true meaning of
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