Definition Essay-It's All About Christmas

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Christmas isn't just about getting presents, this special holiday is about spending time with your family and making memories that you will always remember. There are many Christmas traditions that people do on Christmas Eve like decorating cookies, eating a traditional Christmas feast, and leaving milk and cookies out for Santa Claus. Christmas is also very important religiously because Jesus was giving birth on this special day so we also celebrate the birth Jesus Christ. On Christmas Eve Santa Claus hops down our break chimneys and delivers small and tall presents under our Christmas Trees and fills our stockings with small toys to enjoy, then he also eats the yummy and delicious treats that we had left for him prior to us going to sleep in our warm and cozy beds.…show more content…
Nick jumps with all his might back up the our old brick chimneys and flies away on his red, christmas sleigh filled with tall, small, big and wide presents for children all around the world, he delivers presents to every boy and girl in the world all this in one cold
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