Definition Essay-It's Clear As Plastic

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It’s Clear As Plastic

Plastic. So much of what we buy is covered with it. We affiliate ourselves so commonly with plastic that I’m certain you wouldn’t be able to give an intellectual definition of it. It would be like explaining what work is. When, for whatever reason, you look up the definition of plastic, you get three results: plastic the material (the noun), and the other two results both tell you how to use the word as an adjective. But there’s a completely different meaning for the word plastic that isn’t a part of the common definitions. That plastic defines me, at times as a student, but doesn’t always portray me as passionate soccer fan. That meaning is fake or flexible or even foreign. For as long as I remember, the word plastic has been used by some pretentious and condescending soccer fans to call out people who are fans of a team that isn’t in their respective, region, city, province, state, or country. Other uses (most commonly) of plastic maybe are simply towards people who say they support one of the world’s greatest soccer teams because they win everything, or when it’s evident that the person has no clue about what their favorite team is all about: including, a lack of knowledge on their team’s history, current players, manager, and/or previous/upcoming fixtures (games). Ironically, I root for Arsenal, a soccer team
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Both are from Honduras; moreover, my dad was a fan of a team there. Does that mean I as a 16 year-old have to burden my parents’ strict budget to pay extra to watch a team in Honduras? No! Even though I would love to watch Honduras’ Real Espana. I suppose I was just born in the wrong country, and my passion for watching the game, and my team Arsenal, have bottled up in my feelings because I worry that someone will call me plastic (keeping emotions trapped inside you isn’t healthy by the way, sue
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