Definition Essay : Learner Development

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Standard #1: Learner Development This standard emphasizes that teachers must understand what each student is capable of. All students process information at their own pace therefore, they are all capable of doing or comprehending things differently. Not only are students academically diverse, but depending on the situation they may also be physically different from each other. For example, a student might have broken their arm therefore they are incapable of writing down notes or doing other classroom activities. Another student might be handicapped, in which then you would have to accommodate the classroom or desks to correspond with the needs of the student. As a Kindergarten teacher, I would make sure to teach the students at a…show more content…
If I had one group more advanced than the other, I would integrate the two groups and have those who understand the material more, help those who are having trouble. I would also work more closely with those students that need the extra help. Standard #3: Learning Environments As a teacher, you should be able to coach students in working well with others as well as being able to work independently. This is vital in developing social and communication skills. It also guides students in becoming independent. Once students develop a sense of independence, they are capable of working on certain assignments on their own without depending on the help of their peers. When I become a Kindergarten teacher, I will sit the students in groups of 4 or 5 in which students are guided into communicating with one another. I will also have students work within their groups when appropriate. Although they will be sitting in groups, students know that certain tasks must be done on their own. Certain tasks may include reading, tests, etc. Standard #4: Content Knowledge Before presenting the material to the students, teachers must comprehend it. If teachers do not fully understand the material they are teaching, they will not be able to pass on the knowledge needed to their students properly. Once a teacher has a firm grasp on the material, they are able to develop a lesson plan that corresponds to the work. This lesson plan outlines what students are expected to learn
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