Definition Essay On Conflict

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In our world conflict is an issue no human can avoid. Whether hearing about it through the news or through a trusted source, or simply just experiencing it in daily lives. Conflict in my definition is when there is a disagreement or problem at stake and an issue forms. For example a conflict can be as little as a small argument of opinions or a fight about toys between siblings, to as immense as a war starting or starvation in certain countries. Conflict can be emotional, or it can be physical, like a fight. Conflict has happened all over the world. Conflict is what starts wars and can create chaos among humans. This is similar to the disagreements that took place during a quarrel between the Native Americans and the non-natives coming into what was the Washington territory. The conflict that happened between these different cultures was both…show more content…
The definition of the action to assimilate according to Merriam Webster is “to absorb into the cultural tradition of a population or group”. But in the case of the Native Americans their assimilation was much more forced. The kids were taken off into boarding schools that taught them how to become like the white people or the settlers, during this they lost a majority of their culture and background, relationships with family, and even their language because whenever they tried to speak their native tongue they were beaten and punished. Each child was given a new name according to the English culture along with learning English, and even dressing like they would.
These were just three of the many factors that played into the conflict between the Native Americans and the Settlers. Out of these three factors I believe that assimilation is the most important factor. I think that this is so because when the settlers attempted to assimilate the Indians the first time a major event that happened was the Whitman
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