Definition Essay On Fear

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When in a frightening situation, such as being scared for a biology test, or having a burglar break into your house, you react using fear. It is a healthy fear because when someone is scared they know they need to react to the threatening issue. This healthy fear can become unhealthy if it is too strong. When recalling past incidents and injecting them into the current situation, this is an unhealthy fear because it changes how people will behave towards something or someone after being scared once before. Fear always follows right behind the corner and is one step ahead and is different for each individual. Everyone has fears, whether they want to or not. It gives them an unpleasant emotion they can’t get rid of unless they face it. Even…show more content…
A fear is so much more than just being afraid of a tiny spider. That is only the beginning. From growing up people learn how much life can be a challenge to them. In order for them to overcome those challenges they need to overcome their fears first to set them aside and focus on other issues rather than debating to go for something or not because they may miss out on something then and regret it later when it was just their fears standing in between them. What's hard is a fear never goes away after overcoming it, another one may come. People don’t know when or what it will be, but after overcoming one they know they can do it and aren't as afraid for the next test coming their way. Now for some people it is still truly hard to overcome their fears, which is okay because everyone has a long list, but if they don’t learn now eventually the list will become unhealthy and they’re going to be stuck inside because they have ophthalmophobia, the fear of seeing someone or anyone seeing them. People cannot let fears take over they need to take over their
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