Definition Essay On Greed

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What is greed? I think of the word greed and a sense of instability comes to my mind. Instability reminds me of a symbol of lacking stability of maturity around the world. I do not hear the word greed very often however I experience it. People are unaware of being greedy. It has a strong, disgusting, passive meaning to it. Greed represents a tacky, ignoble person who expects to receive everything that has great value. Greed is known as the desire for money, popularity or fame or even a higher authority of something. Being greedy is trying to succeed happiness and satisfaction for your own doing. In one word, they become selfish. Many people who are greedy experience transformation to becoming conceited, impatient and selfish, but many people…show more content…
Coaches are meant to lift your spirits, motivate you, influence you to be the best and encourage a comeback after a mistake. My coach has not expressed a nice side and lately I have noticed a heightened greediness in him. If you are a part of his life it is about his life, his ego and what he wants. His ego caught up with him and he is self centered towards everyone around him. I am coming back from an injury and my self esteem is very low and he I do not play a lot when I use to be a starter. I use to have high hopes for a comeback, but recently my coach brought me down by telling me that since I didn't play, the team won. He also made players from different teams come to a tournament and spend there money to stay the night, but did not play them a single minute. He does not think of other people, only himself. My teammates are constantly told by him “you will never be as fast as them so stop trying.” He is now the most greediest 40 year old I know. However, he does not know he is greedy. I guess to me there is only one definition of greed… the act of being selfish. In the long run, the greedy people because self conscious, angry, frustrated and discontent with life because you are trying the hardest not to lose the wealth that was accumulated over time. Over time the greed takes over and you lose what has real value to your life which are friends and
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