Definition Essay On Helping

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Being Helpful in Different ways: A Definition Essay “You do not need a reason to help someone.” (“Media Web Apps,” n.d.). Helping is the reaction that comes from heart not because of self-interest. Some people have temperament to be helpful, or it can be nurtured from parents. When someone needs help in any way, people offer their hand without thinking. Helping is caring about yourself and caring about others. Helping is not being conceited and not seeing others lower than you when you help them. Helping is when someone lends a hand without thinking and not waiting for anything in return. Helping is the action which can effectively change people’s lives by giving money, encouraging people and expecting results in the future. People may not be able to change the world, but they may change a person’s life by help his/her. Helping people can be shown in many ways such as giving money. For example, when a friend has a financial problem, and he/she can not overcome it, people can give money to help him/her. In addition, helping is to make life easier for someone else. Another way to show helping by giving money is donating. Many people around the world live in poverty which make life difficult for them. People can donate and help poor people to change their lives to…show more content…
People on earth tend to help each other and give positive energy. Furthermore, the reason that people have a best friend in their lives is because he/she always gives positives energy and helps you difficult situation. Friends can help each other in simple way. For instance, when a friend has a job interview, people can simply play a music which can help his/her to get ride the stress, so he/she might do better in his/her interview. Moreover, volunteering help others a lot in different ways. Helpful people like to help other, so they usually volunteer which encourage others to be better and try to do the
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