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Heroes don't always wear capes. When you're a hero you should be trusted by with whatever you're doing or whoever you're with or heping. You should also be strong. When you’re a hero, you should be strong with everything. You may struggle, but in the end you are still helping everyone you can. A hero should be able to do something as simple as telling truth. They should be telling the truth so matter what even if you're very close with them. A hero is defined by being trustworthy, strong, and honest.
A hero to me is being trustworthy. When you are a hero you should be trusted by everyone. On the CNN website I read that Georges Bwelle watched his father struggle and suffer while waiting for medical attention. Georges now travels into jungles to give the unfortunate people medical attention when
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I am in love with lacrosse. I have been playing for 7 years! I thought i was pretty good at my left hand in cradling, passing, and shooting. I worked so hard to get where I am. My dad who is the coach for my lacrosse team said, “ I know you have worked very hard to get to where you are in lacrosse, but we need to work on your left hand a little bit more.” I knew I wasn't perfect at it but then i got really disappointed. So I worked and I worked to get the best I could at mt off hand. It took awhile and i’m still not perfect at it. I am so glad my dad told me that, even though i was very upset that he told me that. He helped me get better. “My heros are just everyday people who work hard, are honest and have integrity.” -Jordin Sparks
In the end, heros are defined by being trustworthy, strong, and honest. When you're a hero honesty key. Heros should always be trusted with no matter what. Heros should be strong even through hard times.Heroes are everyday people and they don’t need capes to be one. As long as someone is helping the world or even you, they should be considered a
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