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Prom Roller coasters, some of us love them and others of us would rather just stay at home and keep our feet on solid ground. It’s all about our perspective, how we see things different than others. I love rollercoasters, I love the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, but maybe you hate that feeling. And roller coasters are just not your thing. Prom is very similar, again it’s all about our perspective. Usually the perspective of the guy and the girl are about as different as black and white. Prom has three elements and we all look at them a little differently, including finding a date, making plans, and the dance itself. Please keep your hands in feet inside the ride at all times because we are going to find a prom date. Yes, a prom date. For couples it’s easy, they just automatically know they’re going together. Now, if your #forveralone you’re going to need a date. You can always go with a group of friends but there’s going to be that one friend who brings they’re…show more content…
Again looks over here to the girl’s perspective. “Becky this is awesome! I’m having so much fun, thanks for coming with me and being my bestie, this was worth all of the stress and doesn’t jimmy look fine af” “ Yeah, I’m going to miss you next year Jessica, Im so glad I got to spend my last rom with you, Jimmey, and nose picking David”. The girls make this day about one last hooray with their friends before we graduate and go on our separate paths. Now girls get sentimental so look over here to the boys. “Man, this tie is the most annoying ever”. “I know I can’t wait to take this off and these shoes hurt”. “I cannot wait for post prom and eat!”. “I need pancakes ASAP I’m literally starving”. We come to a complete stop and now we’re at the end of the roller coaster. Some of us feel a relief while others are going to get right back in line for the ride
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