Definition Essay On Scholarship Boy

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What is a scholarship boy? I am to believe that on page 655 it is defined. “:scholarship boy,” for whom success comes with special anxiety. Scholarship boy: good student, troubled son. The is “moderately endowed,” intellectually mediocre, Hoggart Supposes-though it may be more pertinent to note the special qualities of temperament in a the child. High-strung child. Brooding. Sensitive.” I believe that a scholarship boy, or person, is an individual who is insecure of themselves. They are so insecure with themselves and their family that they find their confidence in educational leaders. A scholarship boy mimics a teacher’s personality, thoughts and likes. They are an individual who secludes themselves from others and surrounds themselves with a teacher’s thoughts and beliefs. They are incapable of balancing personal life and education. They are fearful that they will follow in the same footsteps of those who surround them, hence why they seclude themselves from others and mimic educational leaders. A scholarship boy lacks the strength and mindset of being their own individual person, one who can be both educated while still having relations with those who aren’t.…show more content…
It was then he no longer was a scholarship boy. He no longer secluded himself. He no longer distanced himself from his family of whom he was embarrassed of. He yearned for the life experiences he had stripped himself
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