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Praiseworthiness can raise an individuals’ confidence. They won’t be afraid to do things they thought they never could do. How can praiseworthiness be defined? According to Google, the term “praiseworthy” can be defined as “deserving approval and admiration.” The ability to have determination, bravery and being hardworking are three important characteristics of praiseworthiness.

One important characteristic of praiseworthiness is having determination. Having determination is important because people are willing to do anything to overcome any challenges just so they can achieve what they want. Two examples of this are the crow in “The Crow and the Pitcher” and the magical child from “The Price of Jasmines and
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He was scared but didn’t run away. Androcles saw the lion in pain, so he approached him to see what happened. He saw a thorn stuck in the lion’s paw and helped him get it out and then bounded up the Lion. In “The Foolish Lion and the Clever Rabbit,” the animals in the forest were getting killed by a cruel lion, so one day the animals of the forest decided to sacrifice the old rabbit. He was brave to take his time nibbling on the bush for the lion to get mad and try to attack him. The rabbit was brave enough to approach the lion and tell him there was another lion that was killing his animals. The lion got mad and told the rabbit to show him where the other lion lived. The rabbit told the lion to a well and told him that he lived down there. The lion believed him and jumped into the well and died.

A third important characteristic of praiseworthiness is the ability to be hardworking. Being hardworking is important because it helps an individuals’ achieve their goals. Two examples of this are Aiwa from “The Black Cloth” and the ant from “The Ant and the Grasshopper.” In the “The Black Cloth,” Aiwa was a happy child who always smiled. Her stepmother didn’t like her at all. She would insult Aiwa whenever she smiled. Her stepmother wanted to get rid of Aiwa, so she gave her a

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