Definition Essay: The Confidence Of Women

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A great guy once told me, "a confident woman is so sexy," offering a glimpse into the male mind. It's true, confidence is an extremely important factor to attracting men (and hey, the rest of the world) and you must master this quality. So, do you want to know how to be confident any time or any place around any man? Do you want to know how to stop being shy and quiet with men? Do you want the secret to being the most attractive and confident woman in the room? You are in the right place, the secret to cosmic confidence lies below.

Sure, confidence can be shown in eye-contact and sounding smart but to be truly confident, you must dig deeper. True confidence is in every word spoken, every movement made and drips off of every inch of your body. You cannot fake
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Women need to eradicate the source of their insecurities: The fear of not being liked.

After my experiences with coaching women, I have discovered that the single strongest and most common fear is that of not being liked, and this is the source of a woman's lack in confidence. The fear of saying or doing something strange, dumb or inappropriate in front of a guy we like can be enough to make a woman zip her mouth and throw away the key, possibly forever.

What you must understand is that staying quiet keeps everyone at a distance and if you simply smile and nod at everything he says, then you will surely fail. How will he get to know you if you refuse to say what you feel? These are my recommendations to discover your true confidence and to begin attracting any man, anywhere.

Understand the source of your insecurities: The fear of not being liked.
Face and embrace the fear of rejection. This is the only way you will start building your confidence around men.
Know that even the most legendary seductresses in the world, like Cleopatra, had haters. Understand that not everyone is going to like you, even if you kill them with
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