Definition Essay: The Delusion Of God

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The God Delusion

I believe that religion is, and has bottle necked the possible scientific, medical, and technological advancement of mankind. Let’s take a water bottle to present an illustration of how religion represents itself to me. The water in the bottle is representing said advancements of mankind. While the neck of the bottle shall represent religion. Last, the body of the bottle represents mankind. When you try to make a stream of water flow out of the bottle with the bottleneck attached. The water pushes out slowly, due to the said ‘bottle neck.’ However, when you remove the ‘bottle neck’ from the situation, the water will pour out significantly faster.
Many religions, Christianity especially, are in their own separate universe.
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By definition, ‘Theism’ is the belief of the existence of god one or more gods. In the English language adding an ‘A’ to the beginning of the word automatically takes the original definition, and turns it completely around. So Atheism is, by definition, the belief of no God, nor Satan. As an Atheist however, I do not need the threat of eternal damnation to make the correct choice, morally. Most Atheists are morally good because it is right to be. However, everyone is morally acceptable in their own mindset, for example, the Westboro Church, better known as The Westboro church has started several protests, in the name of God, against Homosexuals, Race, and creed. To an Atheist, believing in a God(s), is the equivalent of a grown man believing in Santa Clause.
Another fact about Atheism, is that it does not incite any type of violence due to one’s of lack of belief. Whereas religions do incite violence related to one’s belief. Those do read the specific Holy Book passages, will claim that it is simply a poorly worded passage, and that their god(s) do not mean such foul punishments. There will be an endless amount of wars for as long
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