Definition Essay - The Meaning of Private

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Definition Essay - The Meaning of Private

Freedom and confinement, contradictory as they seem, are both integrated into the description of what it means to be private. The meaning of private is even further dual in nature when interpreted personally or in community contexts. On a smaller scale, individual people classify private as an expected amenity, intended to be a confined to oneself. On the other hand, communities perceive private as the quality of being independent or free from any public organization or institution. In reference to dictionary definition, there is a dual understanding and common usage of the word private, each derived from the context in which it is used, either individual or communal.

The individual
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On the community level, the meaning of private relates to the absence intervention of a public organization. The Oxford English Dictionary identifies private as being “deprived of public office, the opposite of public.” The communal body usually implies a public group, at the national or local level. From this definition, the role of the communal body: general public, institutions, or government, etc. are incorporated into the meaning of private. also illustrates the word private as “derived from non-governmental sources, not available to public use.” Employing this observation, private represents the aspect of being unavailable to and having freedom from public intervention of the community.

The word private is dual in nature in that its’ common usage in individual context differs from the mutual understanding of the word on a large-scale community level. A subject that is private to an individual person implies that it’s an individual possession, reserved for personal disclosure, or secret. The surrounding MSU community, and others dating back over 100 years also recognize the word private as the perception of being separate from public or government access. The definition of private, among
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