Definition Essay: The Origin Of Violence

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Violence, as defined by the dictionary, is behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. So what is the root/origin of violence? This is an open ended question, with many possible directions you could answer it. Approaching it from a psychological view, violence is not something that is born into our nature; It is an acquired and taught behavior to the human race. It also could be something that is picked up by accident. It is not natural to respond to scenarios with forceful actions intended to damage, hurt or kill, but yet many do.
Teachers tell children at a young age that violence is never the answer, but in our society, it most commonly seems to be. Take war for example. The first war in recorded history took place in Mesopotamia in 2700 BCE between Sumer and Elam. The reason for the first war was a disagreement that was politic related. After
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Children are HIGHLY susceptible to picking things up that they watch happen. So for example, if a child was to watch their parents fight, maybe just yelling, or even physical, over and over again, that child is very likely to respond to similar situations with actions that reflect what they saw their parents doing. The parents may not have purposely taught their child to behave in such a manner, but it is what the child learned by watching.
Many people, or even families claim to be at a peaceful state, where they believe that they are influencing their children in the right way, but it only takes one scenario to change that very quickly. If their child was to come home with a black eye, they may tell their child to hit them back, believing they are only teaching them “self defense”. Soon enough though, that self defense can turn into them taking the first hit, just out of anger, and then that easily, they have created a violent child, who justifies his actions by saying it is “self
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