Definition Essay: The Power Of Fear

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Fear has come to permeate the daily life of our generation. We have become very adept at putting on a brave face which is admirable but ill-advised. We refuse to open up or admit our fear, because we don’t want to appear weak to those around us. But every day, all of us go through the same fear. Some days are better than others of course but each and every day we have something that worries us. Something that we may work to hide, and may succeed in hiding from the world and even ourselves for a time. But it is there nonetheless. Each of us deals with stress, pain and fear that is hard for others to understand. We may not even understand it ourselves frankly.
Be patient and sympathetic of others, as everyone you see walk past you every day is dealing with something you couldn’t possible imagine. Fear is a powerful, dark thing. It looks to drag on each of our lives constantly. Every one of us has a shadow clinging to our backs, whispering our fear in our ear. We do our best to bury in and silence the voice, but it is always in the back of our minds. All of our demons are strong and they work every day to consume us. It takes courage for all of us to confront the fears and anxiety we face.
I tell you this because when you look at other people, realize that. Know that they are going through something just as difficult
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We are around ourselves enough to know the full extent of our flaws and our limitations. This leads us to believe we are inadequate for those around us because we recognize the extent of our negative qualities and can reason that eventually those around us will see them as well. I believe social media and the internet age to be a huge cause of this. We now see others’ lives through a glowing halo that they intend us to see them through. From a distance it appears they are always happy, successful and living in a paradisiacal
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