Definition Essay: The Root Of Fear

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Fear Once when I was younger a bird few into my room. It was a warm summer evening and the sun was just beginning to set around the mountains that framed my home, the last light of the sun made its way into my room through my wide opened windows and with it a bird flew in. It was a small finch, likely on it way back to its own roost. The poor thing was so frightened it passed out and at first I thought it dead. I noticed then just how fear finds itself in every little creature at different times and different ways. I see this fear as an enemy, for it is not necessary to life and I mourn that I have to fight with it constantly. Though fear has many different shoots and sprouts the root of fear is buried in the loss of comfort. Not the luxuries of home or the comfort of soft beds and warm fires, but the comfort of knowing and being in control of your life. This is something humans take great pride in, having their lives together just the way they want it like a doll house with every doll in their place. The first thing you ask yourself when tragedy strikes is “why me?”. We ask this not expecting a reply or reason, but it's the only way to voice our anger and frustration. It's not asking “why me?”, but rather “why was my comfort taken away?”. This frustration and…show more content…
Because we are human we crave the attention and acceptance of others. However, we are afraid to speak our minds and stand up to tell the truth for fear of ridicule from the people whose acceptance we so strongly desire. It drives us into a hole from which we can not escape and keeps locked behind the glass doors of our own mind. It's a difficult place to leave once you are caught in fear trap however people overcome it every day by facing their fears head on. We may not win the first time, but if you keep knocking on the glass doors they will eventually crack open and your once tied tongue will begin to move on its own accord before you can
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