Definition Essay: The Two Types Of Anxiety

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One of the most common problems of an individual today is anxiety. It is a feeling of being upset, annoyed, nervous, worry, and unease. Also, anxiety is a system in our body that helps us to deal with real danger and it is normal that everyone experienced it. Although anxiety may feel uncomfortable it is not dangerous or harmful to those who have this. A person suffering on this feeling can also have physical symptoms such as fatigue and headache. It may be cause by environmental factor such as stressed work, personal relationship, and death of love ones. It also includes medical factor like effect of medication, and symptoms of medical illness. On the other hand, frustration can be thought as the inability or unwillingness to persist in an activity due to the unpleasant feelings associated with the task.…show more content…
State anxiety describes the experience of unpleasant feelings when confronted with specific situations, demands or a particular object or event. State anxiety arises when the person makes a mental assessment of some type of threat. When the object or situation that is perceived as threatening goes away, the person no longer experiences anxiety. Thus, state anxiety refers to a temporary condition in response to some perceived threat. Like state anxiety, trait anxiety arises in response to a perceived threat, but it differs in its intensity, duration and the range of situations in which it occurs. Trait anxiety refers to the differences between people in terms of their tendency to experience state anxiety in response to the anticipation of a threat. People with a high level of trait anxiety experience more intense degrees of state anxiety to specific situations or objects than most people do. Thus, trait anxiety describes a personality characteristic rather than a temporary feeling (Nelson, Purdon, Quigley, Carriere, Smilek,
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