Definition Essay: The Use Of Stress In Students

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“I’m so stressed” is a phrase so commonly used by teens, especially to describe how they feel about school. In many ways this is true, much truer than some adults like to admit; for this reason, many colleges and professionals have done studies to research stress in students. According to a study done by NYU forty nine percent of teens said they feel overwhelmingly stressed on a daily basis, and thirty one percent said they feel somewhat stressed on a daily basis. Females tended to feel much more stressed than males. Grades, homework, and college preparation were the top reasons for students' stress. Twenty six percent scored positive for clinical Depression due to stress, and a majority of teachers could see stress affecting students as well as the school in…show more content…
NYU’s study does say that a little bit of stress from academics, social life, and personal challenges are good for the brain and body; but too much stress can lead to unhealthy actions. For example, academic and social behaviors become more disconnected and less compatible with others, which can stay with them through adulthood. Nonetheless, it also says stress in high school can wear students so thin that by college they cannot handle the stress, and end up dropping out or making bad decisions. The junior year is one of the most stressful years because of applying for colleges, pressures from family and teachers, and other stresses from the outside world (Leonard). Schools are a huge cause of stress for young adults, therefore, they should be part of the solution to prevent some of the stress that can lead to health problems. One in five students said they feel too stressed to study with friends, and one in five drop out of school due to this (Stress). Accordingly, if schools were to lighten the load on students, there would be less student
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