Definition Essay: What Are Real Heroes?

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What are heroes? Well, today in our strong society, we think of heroes as super beings who save the entire world from massive destruction. Although, these types of heroes would be enjoyable to have, we forget that these superheroes are just mere fictional characters played by big film stars. Now, let’s go back to our original question with a slight change to it: What are real heroes? Think long and hard about this question and run a few answers through your head. Well, if you don’t know the correct answer, then just picture a human being who is just as normal as you. This person works at a certain job different from you, or maybe the same as yours, and comes home to a family or is just single. But then one day this person does something valorous in order to save lives or a life. …show more content…

For example, when I was about eight years old, I had passed my spelling test and was rewarded with a trip to the toy department store. It was around 8:30pm when my father drove me to the toy department. During that time, my father’s car was packed with computer equipment and all of that equipment was in the backseat, which meant that I had to sit in the passenger seat. Well, everything was pleasant and solid until my father’s vehicle had crashed against a speeding driver. Sadly, my trip was postponed. The machinery in the back seat had fallen onto my frail body which had caused me to have a laceration in the middle of my left knee. I was so deathly traumatized, that I didn’t move or talk to anybody until the fire department had arrived. I became much more serene with my surroundings as the firemen helped me overcome my trauma by asking me simple questions. Those were my heroes and will always

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