Definition Essay: What If Anyone Could Be A Hero

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Anyone Could Be a Hero! “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” A quote like this from a hero deserves to be told to the whole world. Superman played by the role of Christopher Reeve is known all around the world and his quote deserves to be well known just like him. Heroes are not just people who save people’s lives. A lot of people think that is the meaning of hero, but it isn’t. A hero puts people first before themselves. A hero doesn’t need to get paid or be told to save a person’s life. A hero could be described as your knight and shining armour. A knight and shining armor would be someone who is humble, kind, generous, bold, brave, someone who would stand up for you or something that is right. My hero would be someone who cares and someone I could look up to. Heroes could be a person, an animal, because it doesn’t matter what color they are or even what they are because no matter what, their characteristics and their actions are what make them heroes. Words and definitions are not worthy to describe a hero, whether they are white, black, Asian, Mexican, or even an elephant. Heroes are bold, courageous, daring, and helpful. Heroes don’t want to help people because they are told to, they…show more content…
Stephen Paddock is a 64-year-old male who killed 57 people on Sunday, June 8 in Las Vegas. 527 people were injured during the shooting. He killed himself after the police came to the scene and he doesn’t deserve to be called a hero for his coward actions. Another villain, is from Batman. He is The Joker. He is a villain that just loves being evil. Batman doesn’t just dislike him because of his awful makeovers, but he is cruel He steals candy from babies, he kills people and he steals from banks because that is just what villains
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