Definition Essay: What Makes Someone Heroic?

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What Makes Someone Heroic? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines heroism by “exhibiting or marked by courage and daring,” but that does not sum it all up. The dictionary definition of Heroism is a part of what makes someone heroic, but there is also a definition to being a hero that can be interpreted many different ways on a personal level. The word heroic cannot just be summarized in one sentence, because being heroic is an action and a lifestyle. It occurs when a person puts other people’s needs above their own while being there for people in their time of need. They don’t have to fly like Superman and swoop in to save someone. A hero is a person who puts others before themselves, provides hope to those in need, and does the little things to make a big difference.
Sacrifice and Selflessness. These are key characteristics that a hero must exhibit to be considered a heroic person. Sacrifice is giving your time to someone who needs it, while not expecting anything in return. An example of a sacrifice is understanding your own
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It’s like people are caught up in all the stress and hard times of life, that sometimes they don’t realize when people are helping them. You don’t have to be the best, the biggest, or the person everyone loves. Being there for someone in there time of need can be difficult, however giving them the hope and courage to keep going and keep striving for greatness is what makes you heroic. The reason superhero’s are considered heroes is because they give you the hope to keep going in a rough time of life. Being Heroic is something you do, not to receive credit for, but to help someone out of the goodness of your heart. You can find heros anywhere and everywhere. They are at the grocery store, at the supermarket, and even at the corner starbucks. Every person has the ability to be a hero, it’s just how you use your time and efforts to make a difference that defines who you
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