Definition Essay: What Makes Us Human?

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For as long as there have been humans there have been questions about what makes us human. The quest to explore human nature is ever-evolving. In the beginning, humans created stories and superstitions to explain human behavior and other things they did not understand. Eventually the question became “what makes a human… well… for lack of a better word… human?” Physically, some parts of our bodies are very similar to other animals. This isn’t questioning the human species, there is an understanding that we’re homosapiens, but what makes our species so vastly different than any other when it comes to the way we think. Humanity is defined as all human beings collectively. When we speak about human nature we question the quality and condition of the human race, as well as the quality of being human, kind, and benevolent. Benevolent. The search for what made humans able to achieve benevolence in a way no other animal could. The question of what it means to be human is so important not because you need the answer to be human, but because it defines us in such an essential context. Understanding is so significant to our fundamental existence that we constantly question “why?” Two philosophers proposed resolutions as to why we, as humans, are so different than any other animal on this earth. Why? (notice how the human mind is ever asking that question) Simply because the query of…show more content…
Aristotle built upon Plato’s theories, critiquing and expanding them. Plato differs from Aristotle in some approaches to understanding human nature. Human nature to Aristotle is a unity of body and soul intertwining. Unlike Plato, he doesn’t view the two as separate entities. Aristotle rejected the idea that the soul or mind could function without a body. He believes the soul cannot be separated between mind and body, they both go hand in hand in what makes us
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