Definition Essay: What's The True Meaning Of Love

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Love. What is love? What’s the true meaning of love? Everyone has a different opinion on what love is. I believe I think I know the true meaning on what love is.
August 14, 2015 is the day I found the true meaning of love.
First of all, it was 2:30 AM when I got a call from my daughter’s mother telling me she’s in labor. I was very excited and happy but there was a problem I was in Tijuana, Mexico and she’s in Salem, Oregon. I right away booked an airplane ticket at 3:00 in the morning and my flight was at 10:00 AM but I had to take two airplanes to Oregon.
Next, the first flight was in San Diego to San Francisco and then to Portland. I made it on time to my first flight that was heading to San Francisco. I got to San Francisco at 11:30 AM and while I was walking to my next plane heading to Portland, Oregon I got a call from my daughter’s grandma saying my daughter was born. She’s here. I stopped in the middle of the terminal balling my eyes out with tears of joy and my phone was going off I checked why it was and it was pictures of my daughter Aiyana. In my head I kept saying and repeating “She’s finally here”.
Then, an hour went by for my next flight to Portland. It was 12:30 PM and I’m getting on the plane to Portland to
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I walked up to her and gently I put my daughter in my arms. I had the biggest smile on my face I ever in months possibly years. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her when the nurses will check up on her I’ll be looking at my daughter the entire time. We were at the Salem Hospital for two days but during those two days I was holding her and sleeping with her. I love my daughter Aiyana she’s my pride and joy. Till this day I’ll do anything to protect and love her. I cherish very second I’m with her. Love is about doing anything to keep the person happy, loved, and
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