Definition Essay on Sportsmanship

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Definition Essay on Sportsmanship Abstract Although it is very common to mention the term Sportsmanship during any sports event, very few individuals are actually familiar with the true definition of the word. For some it is the behavioral aspect shown by the participating teams or athletes while others it is more than just a routine behavior and is associated with the deep rooted respect of the opponent as well as the outcome of an event. Sportsmanship is known to be an aspiration which supports the argument that any sporting activity should be enjoyed without the worry of a desired outcome. Here the proper consideration of respect, fairness, ethics, and the demonstration of fellowship with the competitors are shown. In this regard, the term Sore Loser is referred to someone who refuses to accept defeat whereas Good Sport defines anyone being either a good loser or a good winner. Sportsmanship could also be conceptualized as a stable disposition or characteristic in which the participants of any sporting event behave differently as compared to what is expected from them especially in unwanted outcomes. In a more general sense, sportsmanship refers to different virtues like courage, fairness, persistence, self-control, and has also been closely linked with interpersonal concepts of the way of treating others as well as being treated fairly, respecting authority and opponents, and maintaining proper self-control when dealing with others. Sportsmanship can also be

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