Definition Of A Programming Language

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THINK ABOUT A PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE that you have a great familiarity with: C++, Java, Go, Scala, MYSQL, Ruby or even Python. Now reflect on this specific programming language and you will realize there are certain conventions that you follow that actually help define the language. The attributes that make up programming in a specific language are what programmers utilize in their daily working environment, and they also set a standard of expectations of coding style. Just like a programming language, there is still another significant type of writing that is used in the Computer Science discipline, research articles. Research articles are found in every field of study because they are used to reveal new breakthroughs within a specific…show more content…
The templates are merely a starting point for how to write a research article, but there is a tight constraint as to the amount you can deviate away from the generic organizational structure of the article. Understanding these templates will help you examine these articles for desired information. The general structure of a research article would be as follows. The major text of the article begins with an abstract section where the goals of the experiment are explained briefly. Rather than asking a research question like other fields, computer science articles will present a statement about what the objective is behind their research experiment in this section. The abstract is followed by an introductory section that will state what the general community thinks about the topic as well as provide a brief breakdown on what the articles sections are and what is in each section. The next topic(s) in the article are there to describe the experiment. Within this section subtitles are frequently used in order to organize the information presented and help the reader focus on a particular aspect of the experiment. This is also the section where images, diagrams, and code snippets are used to provide visual context to see what is happening. This is another aspect specific to the computer science field. Unlike any other discipline, a writing convention within computer
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