Definition Of Anxiety InCrisis U, By Hara Marano

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Anxiety and U According to Hara Marano, the author of the editorial titled “Crisis U,” anxiety is defined as “a byproduct of thinking, but it is incapacitating without the ability to apply critical thinking skills to emotional reactions” (2). Marano’s definition of anxiety portrays that it is all in one’s head, and it is not a real problem. Marano concludes that the real problem generates from students not knowing how to handle situations or how to look for solutions to a problem. I do not disagree with Marano’s definition of anxiety. However, I would like to modify her definition and change the way people perceive anxiety among college students. Throughout Marano’s editorial, she makes a lot of reputable and respectable statements. On the other hand, the way she depicts anxiety among college students is negative and demeaning. Furthermore, her definition of anxiety and her use of metaphors portray college students as uneducated, spoiled millennials that do not know how to deal with their problems.
Anxiety is a subject that is underestimated in the college atmosphere. Additionally, many in our society do not realize that it affects a large portion of college students. In “Crisis U”, Marano’s focus is on college students’ anxiety. As a college student, myself, this topic is particularly relatable since “over 54 percent of all college students report feeling overwhelming anxiety” (Marano 1). This means more than one out of every two people report having anxiety, but not just

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