Definition Of Aps ( Comprehension )

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Definition of APS (comprehension):
An effective teacher must constantly be thinking about long range goals for their learners. Their lessons should be implemented with a future follow up lesson in mind. Lessons should build off of each previous lesson to help the students learn sequentially. In order for a teacher to teach effectively, she must create lessons that aid in student success. Instruction should be developmentally appropriate for the particular grade level being taught. The objectives should be active and describe exactly what a learner should be doing and should learn from the lesson. The objectives should foster student centered learning and be connected with lessons that have already been implemented. These lessons
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The objectives also specify what the learners need to do. Bloom’s Taxonomy provides more complex understanding through the levels of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The teacher’s next step is to implement a plan of instruction to convey content and skills the learner needs to master. The teacher should also reflect on ways to differentiate instruction based on the needs of individual learners in the class including specific tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. The materials and use of technology should be thoughtfully prepared and written out to help keep a flow of the instruction. A prepared teacher is a positive influence on learners and demands high expectations of his/her learners. The lesson should also provide performance opportunities for the learners which provides a prime environment for the teacher to formatively assess the learners on their progress thus far. This constant check through formative assessment provide data which inform future lessons.

Relationship Between Artifact and APS (analysis level):
I chose my sixth grade English lesson plan on context clues as my artifact. It is an appropriate artifact for APS 2 because, (finish this statement). Before, I started to write this lesson I had to look at the standards and find the purpose of my
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