Definition Of Classism And Poverty

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Definition of Classism and Poverty:

Classism is a discrimination based on your social class, but it’s more than that, it’s shunning a fraction of people because they are a different class, it is an inequality in what it is to live. This is a colossal issue that impacts millions and this directly ties into billions through poverty. I may be going on and on about poverty, but you may not know what it is and so you may not know how massive of an issue it is. Poverty is being in a state of such lack of resources and fundamental needs to the extent you are extremely poor. This is an issue that many are no stranger to and that’s the issue, people shouldn’t know what it’s like to starve until day’s end or having to work and work knowing that you may just get next to nothing, but it’s the only option for them so they continue and that is the abominable issue that is poverty.

Why I Chose This Topic:

I chose this topic in a heartbeat, I set my mind on it before I read the rest of the topics because I know how monstrous this issue is and I truly wanted to impact someone in my class to understand that, I honestly didn’t care about what mark I would get in the end as long as I get to inform someone of this treacherous problem. I am extremely passionate about poverty, in the sense I am passionate about stopping it, people live these lives not worth living, but they do it to see tomorrow, I want people to make their tomorrow one that they would cherish and not drag along as though it…
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