Definition Of Clinical Governance And Accountability

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Within this assignment, the definition of clinical governance and accountability will be explored and discussed using a literature search. A case example will be used and briefly discuss the accountability of the nurse and other health professionals of professional standards, local polices and law. Confidentiality has been maintained within the use of the case example.
A literature search was carried out for clinical governance using the British Nursing Index (BNI). Results originated from 9,616 when ‘Clinical Governance’ was inputted. Results reduced significantly when ‘definition of clinical governance’ was inputted to 1,278 into the BNI titles were read, before articles were chosen for abstracts to be read. After abstracts were read, if appropriate the full articles were read (see appendices 1). Clinical governance was first introduced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) (Som, 2009) . Som, (2004) definition of clinical governance focuses on Managing systems to improve outcomes of health-care service delivery, the WHO (1998) definition also focuses on improving health care services but additionally focuses on professional performance, resource allocation risk management and patient satisfaction. Department of Health (DoH) (1998) has described clinical governance as a framework which focuses on accountability of health care services to improve services. Scally and Donaldson (1998) used the same definition in 1998. A contemporary definition from Nutbeam…
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