Definition Of Coaching And Mentoring

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Defining Coaching and Mentoring
The concept of coaching originated in the context of sport however has been applied within the business environment throughout the past twenty years.
This paper will define and critically assess coaching and mentoring, consider how it is applied within the Northern Ireland Road Safety Partnership (The Partnership) and recommend a strategy for implementing a coaching culture within the organisation. In addition it will reflect upon the authors approach to development of coaching and mentoring skills within his working environment.
‘There is no commonly agreed definition for coaching and mentoring. The boundaries between what is a coach, a counsellor, a mentor or an organisation development expert are often
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Mentoring is about nurturing the potential of the whole person; both however are about improving performance. There is a strong argument that coaching can be undertaken by line management or an individual within the organisation who has knowledge of processes and procedures. It is however more beneficial when mentoring to engage with someone from outside the organisation however it is essential to match personalities, research interests, experience and personal style.

The Culture of Coaching and Mentoring within the Police Service of Northern Ireland
The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has adopted the definition of coaching as determined by Parsloe et al (2000 p42) namely; ‘..a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance is improved’ which; ‘encapsulates the essence of coaching within the context of the PSNI’ (PSNI Coaching Guide p1).
Mentoring is defined by the PSNI as circumstances;
‘where one person invests time, energy and their personal expertise to assist in the growth and fulfilment of another individuals potential as well as encouraging their capability for learning’ (PSNI Mentor Training Guide p3).

The definition of mentoring as determined by the PSNI reflects for the most part
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