Definition Of Courage Essay

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When you hear the word courage, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Do you think of that person has Happy, Strong, intelligent? Many people today think courage is a simple word that can be used for many things without much thought of what it truly means. It is a term that can be put towards someone who did something brave for their country, or someone standing up for a victim of bullying. Courage means the ability to do something that frightens one. Courage is something that should come to us naturally something you should be born with. That’s something you shouldn’t have to think about it your body should just tell you that you need to stick up for yourself and don’t let people just push you around and talk to you any kind of way.…show more content…
But be courageous is on a whole different level. People always look at celebrities and think that is a courageous person and I want to be like them but most of the time they are just as scared as you are. Courageous people are people who are not selfish and they always put other first and they don’t get caught up in drama that they need to be in.
We can say that “courage” is being strong even though you are afraid, but on the other hand it is taking risks without knowing what is going to happen in the future. Bravery, heroism, fearlessness, determination. These words can all be view from a point of being synonyms to the word courage These are all good examples. Courage is not only showed on the outside of the body but it has a lot to do with the mind as well. You have to have the mental ability to have courage to not only stand up for yourself but to stand up for other people was because there is always someone out there that will need your
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