Definition Of Curriculum For Education Curriculum

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Introduction Curriculum has many definitions in the realm of education. Some people view curriculum as a specific structure of assignments and standards that must be mastered by all students while others view curriculum as a means to an end result. Ornstein and Hunkins (2013) define curriculum as being several different things: a plan for achievement, based on student schema, a way to handle others, a program of study, and content based on levels. It is interesting to read a text written specifically about the topic of curriculum that is unable to give a standard definition for the concept. The authors, themselves, have their own opinions concerning the topic, but are unable to formulate a specific one-size-fits-all definition to encompass the many aspects that curriculum addresses. This gives me comfort in knowing that my definition of curriculum is a mixture of several of these ideas. Why these authors are unable to create a concrete definition is less surprising as I delve into the topic myself. At the secondary level, curriculum takes the shape of endless standards that are handed down from the state board of education. There is no single definition because curriculum is constantly changing and is not exactly the same for any two students. While standards drive what teachers do in the classroom, they themselves are not curriculum. Curriculum is what those teachers do in the classroom to impart the information necessary for students to be successful in relation to
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