Definition Of Dance

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Society has been greatly influenced by song and movement. There is no documented time when dance was first discovered, since it has been around for more than any person remember. There are millions of types and definitions of dance in the world, and it can be performed or interpreted in many different ways. The dictionary most commonly defines dance as moving rhythmically to music, typically following a sequence of steps. But dance is so much more than justs the simple movement, it is an escape from reality, the opportunity to meet great new people, and a message to be read.
Dance is an escape from reality. For instance, if I just had one of those frustrating days, and nothing went my way, just showing up to dance helps me to forget about
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I have been dancing for as long as I remember, since the age of two, and have been introduced to so many inexplicably great people. I was one of the most reserved, shy kids you would ever meet when I was younger. I still remember my first ever day of dance, walking in nervous and excited, I was actually going to be a dancer! This cheerful, outgoing girl named Claire decided to stand next to me, and that is all it took for two year olds, and we are still friends to this day. We were sisters at heart, we went to each other's houses almost three times a week as we started getting older. One day while I was at her house our mothers were talking at the door, and I overheard my mom saying I was switching dance studios. I was stricken with disbelief, I would not get to see her as much, even though we saw each other all the time, that studio was where it all started, and I was terrified to leave. But I survived, and so did our friendship. In second grade I was what you could say somewhat of a loner, because I was too shy to talk to anyone. But one day on the bus, this girl named Brynn sat next to me, and just started talking about how she was starting a competition dance line, which is where dancers compete their dances against other studios, and her face just glowed of anticipation. She explained to me that she danced at Ovations, which just so happened to be the studio I was going to be starting at. That night when I walked into dance class I saw her…show more content…
Dance is a way to forget and escape the hard and frustrating things in life. A way to meet many fascinating new people that can give you different views and ideas. Dance is a message to be read and interpreted in many amazing ways. Choreographer Martha Graham once mentioned “Dance is the hidden voice of the soul.” In reality nobody can truly understand the voice, because everybody has different views and perspectives, but for me dance is my hidden
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