Definition Of Defining Needs Assessment Essay

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Defining Needs Assessment
A needs assessment process is used by organizations to regulate priorities and make enhancements, or distribution of resources within the organization. The process includes determining the needs between the organizations future and current states and how to improve (Noe, 2017). The needs assessment is a development plan of actions which needs to be addressed to close the gaps within the organization for its future desired state (Noe, 2017).
There are several steps to completing the assessment effectively. First, the company must explore and identify where the organization has needs, there may be a need for new technology, more resources, more or less employees, relocation or expansion. Learning the current state in comparison to where they want to be can be very important (BLR, 2016). Secondly, the company must gather data and analysis. Collecting information to understand the gaps between current and future status can be done using internal records, or external surveys. They can also use secondary data collected by the government (BLR, 2016). The next step is to Utilize the data collected to create an action plan and implement it. The goal is to develop a plan which can close the gaps between current and future desires. Setting priorities, applying costs, assessing solutions, and determining which ideas are most suited to resource for implementing (BLR, 2016). After putting together the action plan the last step is to evaluate the results of the
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