Definition Of Digital Divide Definition Essay

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Digital divide definition

Rouse (2014) defined the “digital divide” as a term that describe an inequity between people who have accessibility to information and communication technology and those who don’t or have limited access. Digital divide occurs where there are differences between: - city and rural areas - educated and uneducated - economic and sociological - more or less developed industrial countries (global digital divide)

Type of digital divide

According to Nielsen (2006), there are 3 types of digital divides. They are: 1. Economic divide – People can’t afford modern technology. In some countries, they can’t afford to establish communication infrastructure. Moreover, when people don’t have enough to buy food, they definitely unable to pay for technology. 2. Usability divide – People don’t understand how to use those modern technology devices even if they have got them for free. Computer devices can be too complicated to understand for some people. Furthermore, low literacy rate is also a problem. Literacy is vital for self-learning or Internet usage. There are few websites that use language which can be comprehended by low-literacy users. According to U.S. Department of Education, National Institute of Literacy research which conducted on 2016, August 22, there are 14% of U.S. adults who can read below basic level. 3. Empowerment divide – People don’t get the full use of the technology.
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