Definition Of Employee Job Satisfaction Essay

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Literature Review In management areas there are many definition of employee job satisfaction in different approaches; and there are many studies varied in the defining the term job satisfaction. The people who work in the organizations and people who study in this area both are interested to study of Job satisfaction. The terms Job Satisfaction refers “an individual’s general attitude toward one job’s” [Stephenson P. Robbins, 2005] Job satisfaction is psychological aspects that deals with individual feelings about to his or her jobs [Spector 1997]. That means how an individual feels their job’s and how they express their feelings about their jobs either it’s positive or negative. When an individual positive attitude about job that means they expose high level of job satisfaction and negative attitude about job means low level of job satisfaction. If the degree of expectation met is greater that will ultimate determine the level of job satisfaction. In this words, the terms job satisfaction refers “as the degree to measure that how individual positive or negative feeling about their job” (Steyn & Van Wyk 1999). It is viewed that employee job satisfaction can be influenced by a variety of factors such as degree of fulfillment in their job, quality of working environment, organizational commitment and quality of relationship with their superior etc. If the employee gets opportunity to use their skills and competence from specific jobs, so they tend to prefer those jobs
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